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About a 3 hour bus ride from Havana, you enter the beautifully green valley of Viñales. So we didn't go too far into the valley, which was a shame because I wanted to check out the cool mountain side mural I had read about in my Cuba book. But man did we have a great time! We stopped at a family owned organic tobacco farm, which I can't complain about. We learned about the process of how these cigars are made, from the special and yummy smelling family recipe concoction used to soak the tobacco leaves, to the drying process, and all the way to the rolling. Then yes of course, we had to try them!!

awesome views along the way

stopped off at this little restaurant along the way, great food and people

Tobacco farm

inside the drying house. Man did it smell good in there!

Now I'm not much of a smoker, only really tried a cigar once, but when in Cuba!

Dipped in honey, wasn't bad! Afterward they offer different sized boxes of freshly rolled cigars for sale. You cannot leave this place without buying some. Quality stuff.

One thing's for sure, if I every find myself in need of some good cigars, this is the place I'd return to.

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