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Today's closet crush is an excellent posher, whose closet is endless. This closet really does have something for everyone, of all sizes, and all styles. You can find a variety of brands and sizes, everything from bralettes, to rompers, to shoes and bags. Meet Trunkles, who has been a posher since 2016. This makes her a bonifide seasoned posher! One of my favorite items in her closet is the versatile Miche bag. Essentially it's an interchangeable bag. How great is it to match your bag to your outfit or mood? Check it out for yourself!

The Miche Cassie Prima Shell in coral pink available at https://poshmark.com/closet/trunkles

The beauty of the Miche Prima Bag is you can change your look by changing your shell as often as you want to match and fit your mood. Simply start with the base bag, then get different shells to change out as you wish.

​How awesome is that! Visit trunkles' closet to check out more of her great items and more Miche bags and shells like this beautiful floral print shell for only $15. What a deal!

Miche Sabrina Floral Classic Shell $15


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