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The town of Krabi, Thailand

While most people head to the beach resort areas of Ao Nang and Railay, try something different and instead head to Krabi town, or if you have time, do both! After spending a few days on Ko Phi Phi, my friend and I were beached out, believe it or not. So we decided to spend our last couple of days in Thailand exploring the town of Krabi.

Krabi is a fun, charming town perfect for wandering aimlessly, stopping off for some food and drink, picking up last minute gifts, and getting a quick massage. Along the way, you'll run into cool street art, craft breweries, mangroves, and little shops. Krabi is the main town in the province of Krabi on the west coast of southern Thailand at the mouth of the Krabi River. As we spent a couple of days recovering from beach time, we kind of just wandered aimlessly and ran into some cool spots. We found a chill craft beer place, with TONS of beer from all over the world! great pit stop I must say. I only wish I remember the name! Sorry :/

Wandering the streets you'll find cute little boutique shops, restaurants with a variety of food, nail and hair salons, massage places of course, and souvenir shops.

Our second day in Krabi, we decided to check out a river tour. We hoped onto a longtail boat and headed into the mangroves, which while really pretty, was a bit eerie also! very quiet and desolate, nothing but mangroves after mangroves. Finally we made it into a clearing where there was a little dock. We made a pit stop here where we were able to buy some inexpensive souvenirs like freshwater pearls and some snacks. Overall it was a chill boat ride. I would recommend it if you want to do something low key and see the river.

Along the way, we also made a stop at some caverns. You basically climb up some steep stairs that lead into this cave. Pretty cool.

We enjoyed our last few days relaxing and exploring Krabi town. My only regret is we didn't make it to the tiger temple. As cool as it sounded, we were too pooped to make the trek up there. We'll just have to save it for next time!

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