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Street art, Havana style

When art and travel come together.

My eyes are always drawn to anything colorful. Street art, murals, and graffiti art are awesome and I enjoy taking pics when I see something cool, especially while I'm out and about in my explorations.

Havana, Cuba is top down one of the coolest places I've been. I've been quite a few places, but I def have not traveled everywhere...yet! Don't worry, I have my world map at home with all the pins of place I need to go. But of the places I've been so far, Cuba was amazing and legit one of my all time favorites. During my various walking tours, I was able to catch a glimpse of some of Havana's amazing street art.

Here are some of just a few that I was able to snag pics of while strolling down the streets of Old Havana.

And you better believe I'll be back to this amazing lively city, with its colorful old classic cars, live music, amazing food, and beautiful beaches. The music was one my favorite things. Anywhere you walk, turn a corner and you can find live music, salsa playing, people dancing and singing.

Stick around for more amazing photos of my adventures in Havana, Cuba

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