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Spring into Spring! How to take upcoming trends and style them for everyday looks.

When I had to cancel my winter trip to sunny Puerto Vallarta due to an ear infection, I was pretty sad. Mostly because I was so looking forward to escaping the winter blues and soaking in much needed sunshine....and tequila, but also because I love sharing my travel adventures and posh outfits with all of you!

But things don't always go as planned, and all I can do now is look forward to Spring, which really is just around the corner. That definitely adds some sunshine and helps me add a little pep to my sun deprived step. During my week off, nursing my ear infection, instead of sulking, I started looking up the upcoming trends for Spring 2020 and was pleased by my finds. As usual, I love to share and showcase wonderful posh closets where you can score excellent items to add to your everyday wardrobe while staying trendy. Below are just some of the trends to look out for this spring along with a couple of great posh closets where you can purchase these trendy looks.

1. Wanderlust dresses - Free spirited, retro, psychedelic touches take you back to the late 60's and early 70's. For an everyday look, you can try and find dresses that are flowy, boho, have crochet details, and dresses with wallflower prints.

This boho Free People dress is flowy and easy to wear with heels, boots, or ankle booties. You can pair it with leggings and throw on a jacket. Great for layering during those early spring days where there's still a little chill in the air.

You can find this dress along with a ton of other great items in @bluejeanbaby67 's closet. She has amazing style and a great assortment of trendy and hot dresses. Click on the link in the picture caption to check her out.

Another great dress from the same closet is this Kate Maxi Ziggy print dress from Flynn Skye. Very retro 70's inspired with the plunging neckline and zigzag print.

This ASOS T-Shirt Midi Dress has beautiful embroidered embellishments. If being covered in butterflies from head to toe doesn't bring spring time sunshine into your life and wardrobe, I don't know what will. This dress is casual enough to wear with some sneaks, and detailed enough to dress up with heels or strappy sandals. The great thing about a T-shirt dress is it's versatility and comfort.

You can find this stylish posher on instagram @ileanaaaah_pff. Links above in picture captions. Her poshmark closet is stunning and filled with so many beautiful pieces, I just had to share more.

2. Strappy Sandals - Another trend I came across in my research is showing skin this spring. That means pieces with cutouts, showing shoulders, midriffs, necklines etc. Strappy sandals was another trending item, which I will conveniently group together in the skin showing category.

I'm a sucker for Jeffrey Campbell shoes. They're sexy and definitely grab your attention. These sandals feature a rounded block heel with strappy suede and a tassel-embellished ankle detail. Wouldn't these look great with the embroidered dress? I think so!

Click on the picture link to get these fabulous sandals for only $80. While you're there take some time to browse Ileana's closet. You won't be disappointed.

3. Bra tops - Speaking of skin, another trend I am really loving is the bra top/bralettes. Wear under a cardigan or jacket, with some high waist pants. Don't want to show that much skin? Post Holiday eats getting in the way? No problem! Instead of a bra top, try a lingerie cami. Gives the same feminine feel but with more coverage. But if you are in the market for a great bralette top, check out some that I have available in my posh closet. I think this is a fun trend that you can play around with and add your own spin to. So many options!

This crochet halter bra top is Ecote by Urban Outfitters. The wonderful thing is it can also be used as a bikini top! I have a few bralette options so take some time to browse :)

4. Polka dots - Love, love, LOVE polka dots! And I feel like this print will always be on trend. Wear it year round! Polka dots are easy to pull off and classic. This Diane von Furstenberg halter dress has an open back, very flattering waistline, and A-line skirt. In my opinion, you can wear it year round for sure.

5. Hot pants- short shorts worn on their own, or over some tights is another look you'll want to get into this spring. You can style these in so many ways. Dressy with pointed toe heels, with a nice top tucked in, or casual with some converse all stars and a casual graphic tee.

6. Slip dresses - Slip dresses are another piece you can easily dress up or down, wear with or without leggings, layer up or down. Very versatile. Seeing a trend?

7. Gold hoops - I feel like these speak for themselves. Every girl owns a pair of great hoops, and if you don't, get some! Gold hoops are definitely on trend, and make any outfit pop.

I of course did not cover all the upcoming trends here, but just wanted to share a few that I think can easily be styled for everyday looks. Don't forget visit the posh closets mentioned above to show them some love and score some great spring finds.



If you have any styling ideas for any of the trends listed, I'd love to hear from you. Subscribe to my blog to leave me a message below or catch me on instagram @flyartista

Thanks for reading!

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