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Shoes, Shoes, Shoes...where the party at??

I recently (yesterday!) hosted a posh style party, more specifically a men's style party. Being that I have no men's clothing in my closet, I was excited to check out all the posh closets out there in posh world, to find exciting and stylish host picks. What's a host pick you ask? and what on earth is a posh style party? Posh Parties are real-time virtual shopping events where buyers and sellers can shop, share, and sell items. Posh hosts 4 parties per day with different party themes. After the parties are over, you can check out the different showrooms within each party to shop for curated selections of items shared to that party.

The fun part is You as a posher, can sign up to be a party host! How do you ask? It's simple, simply fill out Poshmark's party application. You must make sure your closet is posh compliant, meaning you don't have any listings that violate their posh rules (ie. items not allowed such as electronics, used or swatched makeup, used undies...eww) The list goes on, but I feel like that's for another day! If you're using the app, I've included some screenshots below (if using a samsung) Iphone users, so sorry I know nothing of that world! See below for easy to follow steps...

Once you open the FAQs section, you can type parties in the search box and info will automatically pop up on parties, how to host, etc. Then simply read through, click the application link, which will take you to another page with a link to email them. It takes a few days to hear back from Posh confirming that they received your request. They will notify you that it is a long wait to be a host. I probably waited over a year! But then one day, BAM! you get that email from Posh asking if you are still interested along with a date and time of the party. Once you email them back confirming yes, you will get an email the week of the party informing you of your party co-hosts and the theme. that easy!

That brings us to the fun part! Picking host picks! The main job of a party host is to select items from other closets, fitting the theme, to share to the party. Once shared, these special items go into the host picks room.

This party in particular, was a men's style party. So as I mentioned before I have absolutely no men's items, so I put out a little announcement listing in my closet calling for host picks. And man, people are always excited and ready to party with you! You'll get all kinds of eager poshers ready to share their fantastic items with you. I must say I had a blast scrolling through all these closets searching for the best picks possible. The fun part is you can pick things that stand out to you, that catch your eye and fit your style. You also meet some awesome poshers along the way!

Now I'm a sucker for shoes, any shoes, heels, wedges, sneaks, anything. This fairly new posher has AMAZING taste and shoes! I just had to share with the world, the fantasticness (yes that's a word) of his style and of course he got a host pick! Just Check out these Reeboks! 49er Reebok pump. I just had to pick these as a host pick. And being from the Bay Area, had to rep the bay! ok not a sports person, BUT a fan of anything from the Yay.

49er Reeboks available at https://poshmark.com/closet/shoevenir

I also fell in love with these Vans. How fun are they?! Find these and more at


Van's low top Star Wars - Yoda Aloha

Ok that's it for posh party how to's! Let me know what you thought! I want to hear from you all, are there posh topics you want to hear more about? Let me know! I'd like to start posting posh how to articles about once a week so if there is a topic you're dying to know more about, leave me a comment or email me. Also, as I've said before, I am by no means an expert so I'd love to hear from you if you have some knowledge to drop. Stay tuned for the next posh closet features and how to's. Happy poshing! :)

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