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Posh n' sip highlights ~ what you should know

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Hosted my second posh n' coffee this weekend and once again, it felt great connecting with so many wonderful poshers. We had a great turnout with a wide range of experience, from newbies, to seasoned sellers and entrepreneurs. I love watching the ah'ha moments when a newer posher learns something from an experienced seller and vice versa. We all learn from each other, and there's no greater feeling than seeing these connections form and the community growing.

In case you missed out on this event, not to worry, there will definitely be more to come. I did want to share some of the take-aways that were helpful and worth noting.

New shipping features ~ bulk printing and packing slips

Have you ever mistakenly shipped an item to the wrong buyer? I know I have! I typically write the item on the shipping label once I print it. You can also match up the customer name which will also be located on the label itself. One new feature that I totally forgot about was the ability to print packing slips. So when you go to print your label, you can also get a packing slip at the same time to include in your package.

simply head over to the My seller tools section, click on shipping label settings, and select packing slip.

Bulk printing is a great feature, especially for those sellers who have multiple sales each day. Rather than printing one label at a time, you can print all the labels with one click.

In the My Sales section, click on Actions. Then select Download Shipping labels

You will then be able to select the sales for which you want to print labels for.

The labels will go straight to your email.

One you have shipped your items, you can then go into the same section - My sales, and choose Mark sold orders as shipped

Overall, these little additions definitely make shipping easier and more efficient.

Give these a try for yourself! I had forgotten all about the packing slip option, which would have saved me the slip-up (haha!) a few months back. A fellow posher mentioned this in the posh n' coffee and it was a great reminder that this feature is available.

This is the wonderful thing about these events - the sharing of information, tips and suggestions is limitless.

Offer to likers

We also touched on this topic, which I always hear mixed reviews about. Some poshers participate in sending offers to likers on a regular basis, some not at all. Personally, I'm on the fence. I do send offer to likers on a regular basis, but try to be strategic in doing so. I try to send offers when people are found to be most active on the app, particularly during parties, and evenings, and on Thursday or Fridays when people tend to get paid. I find I make many sales when I do closet clear out and poshmark pays for the discount shipping. One helpful tip to remember if you do decide to send offers is, price higher. Set in mind how much you aim to profit on the item and price accordingly. This will give you room to send offers and not loose much on profits. For example, you want to make at least $20 on a top. Price it at about $35 to $40 to have that wriggle room, keeping in mind of course, comps for the item.

The importance of building a good title and description for your listings

Let's face it, most buyers are not shopping off the feed. They are doing a search for the item(s) they are looking to buy. Your listings can also be found when doing a google search, if you use the right descriptive words, that is. When building a listing, be sure to make use of as much of the character space as you can.

Include the brand, the name and style, category and color.

In the description section, make sure to use descriptive words that you would use when doing a search. Think like a buyer, not a seller.

Include size, condition, details on any flaws the item may have, unique features.

Some people like to add tags or keywords which may help in the item getting more exposure in searches. For example - athleisure, workout clothes, exercise, etc. Just make sure the keywords you use are relevant to your item and not just random words.

Try doing a google search yourself and see if your item pops up in the search. If it does, you did a great job with your listing!

So there it is! These were the main topics we covered that were most helpful in my opinion. The best part of course was connecting with all these wonderful ladies and building new friendships.

Questions? Feel free to comment below, send me a message, or connect with me on Facebook and Instagram. Want to host your own posh n' sip event? Check out my previous post on Do's and Don'ts of hosting.

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