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New year, New goals - Setting goals as a reseller

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So we've begun a new year! I won't even get into all the craziness of 2020 here, but what I will say is this- 2020 taught a lot of us resellers how to be creative and think outside the box in terms of how we run our businesses. The popular term, pivot, was heard all throughout social media, and pivot is indeed what a lot of us did. Whether it was creating a whole new stream of income, starting a website, finding new ways to source, resellers really pushed themselves and learned from all the hurdles of 2020.

As we enter the new year, many of us are hopeful for a better one. Setting resolutions has never been my thing, but goal setting is something I find more productive. Have you set goals for this year? And how do you measure or track them? Below I break down an easy and effective way to set and track goals. Now, I can't take full credit for this method. I learned this from my passion planner which I purchased back in November. I absolutely love my passion planner. It isn't just your typical planner, with dates and

calendars. It includes so much more - space for creative thinking, journaling and planning, tips on how to set goals, and sections to review your month. My passion planner really makes planning fun and creative. One thing I did learn and have been applying to my reselling business, is how to effectively set attainable goals and track their progress. Because really, what's the point of setting goals if we can't track them and see how we are doing?

So if you're ready to set those goals, I hope these tips below help you plan and get started:

1. Define your goal

Write it down. Ex ~ I will increase my monthly profits

2. Make it measurable

Be specific ~ I will make at least $500 each month in profits (after fees)

3. Write down steps/tasks needed to accomplish this goal

Include as many tasks as you need ~

--> Source trending/sought after items

--> List 5-10 items per day

--> Send offer to likers 2x per week

--> Share closet 3 times per day

--> Crosslist to 3 other platforms

4. Prioritize/number these tasks in order of importance

1. --> Source trending/sought after items

2.--> List 5-10 items per day

5.--> Send offer to likers 2x per week

4.--> Share closet 3 times per day

3.--> Crosslist to 3 other platforms

5. Commit and allocate time to accomplish your tasks each day/week

Include your tasks in your to-do lists/planners and be specific

1. I will spend 1 hour per week researching trends

2. Source once a week

3. I will commit 2 hours per day for photographing and listing

4. I will share my closet at least 2x per day

6. Set a time period to review progress and revise if necessary

I like to set weekly goals which helps to break things down into manageable chunks. Each Sunday, I review how I did. Did I meet goals? If so, great! Celebrate! Did I miss a few? That's okay! Revise and set new goals for the upcoming week that are more attainable.

So, set those goals and reach them! Here are some of the tasks I'm going to incorporate into my weekly routine in order to accomplish some of my 2021 reseller goals:

  1. Learn from experienced resellers - I decided to invest in educating myself. Yes, there is a wealth of free info out there, but investing a little in learning from someone more experienced, is something I decided to try out this year. I signed up for Nicole State's poshmark course and have learned quite a bit so far. The course is set up in an "encyclopedia" style in which you can scroll down to the topic of your choice and watch the module you choose. There are so many topics covering everything from beginning your posh closet, to sourcing, and how to build a listing. Check it out for yourself! click the link here and use my code FLYARTISTA to save $20

  2. List consistently and daily - I set a goal of 5 listings per day, which isn't always possible given I also work full time in addition to reselling. And lets face it, life happens and we don't always get to our daily tasks. But by setting this goal, I make it a priority to at least list something each day. If I don't have any inventory, I relist older listings.

  3. Keep Cost of Goods (COG) low! This is something I started late 2020. Stay tuned for my next post coming soon on alternate ways to source, where I'll share some tips and tricks on sourcing while keeping costs low.

I can keep going, but just wanted to share a few of the ways I will be striving to meet my reselling goals this year. Share your goals in the comments and let's cheer each other on!

Let's connect on instagram! Feel free to share some of your goals or methods for setting and attaining goals.

Join the pashfam at passion planner by getting your very own. No, I am not sponsored by passion planner. I just really love it!

As always, thanks for reading!

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