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My first thrifty bin trip

So, my friend introduced me to thrifting. Before poshmark, I was never into second hand clothes. I just didn't go to thrift stores, not because I didn't like them. I just didn't see the point. No particular reason why, just never thought to buy secondhand stuff. But when I started poshing, I got a whole another outlook on secondhand clothing. What better way to recycle and give clothes a new home.

my very casual comfy fit for thrifting.

That's when I decided to team up with my friend, who in my mind is a "professional" thrifter. She mainly shops for herself, but when I told her about poshmark, she gave me a ton of her stuff to sell. Paired with my poshmark selling, we made a great team. And yes I made her a decent amount of money. And then I became hooked. So the fact that it took me this long to get into reselling for myself is insane. However, I learned a lot from this friend - the brands to look for, the brands that sell, and how and where to find those special pieces. So, when she suggested we go to the goodwill warehouse, I was excited.

that's right people, I popped my outlet/warehouse cherry. And I must say, it was pretty darn good. And now I'm hooked! I told my friend, she created a monster :D

For my first haul, I have to say, I did pretty good. Didn't want to go to overboard on my first trip so I only brought one big bag to fill. Got a total of 17 items, including two pairs of shoes for under $20. Clothes are sold by the pound and shoes 2 bucks a pop.

How it works.

Blue bins are wheeled out. Usually you're supposed to wait while they finish wheeling out, three at a time, the bins. But in this location, people attacked those bins! On this Monday morning it wasn't too busy so my friend and I stood aside and picked at the bins that had previously been picked over.

the bins...not so scary

At first glance, my initial thought was "no way I'll find anything good in here!" And so I began digging and I came across some paige jeans! Imagine my surprise and giddiness! I love paige jeans. So I scooped em right up. My friend had advised me to just grab things and then look through your picks more carefully afterward. And so I continued, piling things in my oversized Marshalls bag. Soon enough, I had a full bag! My friend also came across some excellent condition sandals. So in they went!

Afterward we looked over the bins again, then sat and went through our goodies, pulling out things we weren't really feeling. So in the end, I loved it and yes I'll be back. I found some great items at such a low price. It was such an adrenaline rush! So if you're into thrifting and haven't already checkcd out the outlet warehouses, go! They are a must. Now yes I'm totally amateur but am learning quickly. Would love to hear from those thrifty regulars! Share your experience with us all.

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Stay thrifty!

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