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My fav cruelty free beauty products 

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

So as you can probably tell from my elephant post, I'm all about the aminals, yes that's right aminals. So in an effort to make my beauty regimen completely cruelty free, I've been on a quest to try different products to find the best ones for my skin. Not an easy task, but here are some of my faves that I swear by and use on a daily. Feel free to comment if you have any great cruelty or vegan products that you love.

First on the list, Kat Von D liquid tattoo liner and everlasting liquid lipstick. Both go on smooth for an easy application. The eye liner stays on all day with no smearing or running and makes a great cat eye. Same with the lipstick, goes on smooth, soft non drying formula with a matte finish. My favorite color, pictured here, is lolita. Her lip liners are similar, go on smooth with great coverage and vibrant colors. Available at sephora or if you're a posh addict like me, you can find them on poshmark. I got mine from one of my favorite posh closets @danyell138. I absolutely love her closet! She has a TON of makeup, especially Kat Von D, liners, lipsticks, lip glosses, you name it! Her closet totally has a magical, unicorn, goth chic feel and I love it. Check her out at


Next on the list, is the Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost Instant Smoother. This is a great primer, leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft and velvety! I love how my skin feels. I put this on over my SPF moisturizer, and before I apply my makeup. It helps makeup go on smooth and evenly, leaving skin feeling soft. I love the body shop products. Not only are they 100% cruelty free, but they always have a buy 2 get one free deal. There are so many products I could list, but these 2 below are my favorites.

Also from the body shop, is the vitamin c glow protect lotion with spf 30. We all know how important it is to wear sunblock. This one is great because you can wear it under your makeup and a little goes a long way.

So that's my list for now! I do have more that I'm trying out and will do another post at a later time about cruelty free hair care.

Ok now I want to hear from you all!

What is your favorite cruelty free brand or product? I'd love to hear from you and get some ideas on brands to try. Comment or send me a message. I would especially like to know what are some good foundations or concealers. Would love to try new products to add to my regimen and to spread the message to go cruelty free. Don't let animals suffer so that you can look beautiful :) Don't forget to share with me what your favorite products are, and I'll start a listing of reader's recommendations. Thank you for reading and following my blog! Till next time!

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