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In my shopping daze, I sometimes buy things I don't need. Yes I know we've all been there. And when you are in the midst of browsing and sharing on poshmark, sometimes you fall in love with an item. And like any person in love, you can't stop thinking about that item, you see it everywhere you look, you imagine holding it, wearing it, giving it a loving home.

Well that's how I feel every time I peruse my dear friend's @littlefire33 closet. Her style and vibe is one of a kind and her closet, don't even get me started. She is the most boho chic person I've ever met, and one day I will actually show up at her doorstep and raid her closet. And I'm sure she'd greet me at the door with a glass of wine :)

That being said, I'd love to share with you all the beauty and fabulousness that is her closet and all the fab purchases I've made. She has legit dressed me for my various travels! haha, no joke, I took her with me to Cuba, the Dominican Republic and all over!

my many littlefire33 looks, her closet is travel friendly :)

check her closet out at https://poshmark.com/closet/littlefire33

(but make sure you bring your credit card!)

check out some more of her greatness. This woman has so much - tote bags, an endless amount of boho jewelry that is absolutely stunning, clothing, shoes, eco friendly home goods. Her closet is on point and always on trend. Anyone notice the oh so cool lama fanny pack? just sayin...

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