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How to take great covershots

Wonder how some poshers have such beautiful, bright, professional looking cover shots? Its actually not that hard. All you need is your phone, a well lit room, and some props.

Since your cover shot is the first thing a potential buyer sees, its important to catch their attention, draw them in, and keep them interested. Here I'll show you some great examples of some eye catching and stunning cover shots that will def have you blown away by the artistry:)

That being said, feel free to get creative with your shots, but make sure your item is always the center of attention.

Step 1. Location location

Find a well lit room or even try outside for natural lighting

snap your photo outside for the best natural lighting. even pose with a manny to show a bag to scale. Excellent shot @sherihen!

Step 2. Backdrop

Set up your backdrop. A little faux fur rug goes a long way and is way popular as a neutral and bright backdrop.

Also make sure your area is clean. Nothing says eh gross!, than a dirty rug or floor.

Add some props. Don't be afraid to add some color or cute props. Flowers are a popular one. Just don't go too overboard with the props as you don't want to distract from your main event.

perfect use of props @jjfaith

Step 3. Set up

Set up your item, or in other words, pose your item in a way that is flattering. Some poshers will pair their item with other items to create an outfit. Some even have mannequins to model their fits! And some poshers even model the item themselves. This is a great option so that buyers can see what the piece looks like on someone. If you don't have a manny, no stress! just lay it out flat and arrange it with a few other items to make it look how it might fit on someone.

Stock photos - another option, is to google search your item to find a stock photo. This is an excellent way to get great photos that give your closet a professional look. Just screen shot and your done!

example of using a stock photo https://poshmark.com/closet/trunkles

excellent example of creating outfits with your cover shots. thanks @littlefire33!

Step 4. Snap your photo!

Once you have your perfect set up, snap your pic and your done!

The beauty of it is, if your not 100% happy with the turnout, you can always edit. Posh has filters you can use for your cover shot. I personally am not a fan of the filters because I think they tend to alter the color. You want to make sure your item is well represented so that when a buyer receives it, it looks just it did in the photos, or even better in person.

you can also use a photo editing app such as pics art, or typorama to edit, crop, or add little fun details.

When you're ready, simply open the app, click on sell and the photo screen will open. You can then take your pics. One of my favorite features is being able to save a draft. So if you don't finish, you can save the listing and come back later to finish!

click on sell and the camera setting will open

option to add a filter

save draft to finish later

Now take a look at some of these fantastic poshers. Great examples of creative, beautiful cover shots.

great example of letting the shoes speak for themselves. Just a well lit, clear photo can go a long way https://poshmark.com/closet/beautifulu123

good example of using photo editor to spruce it up or add some color https://poshmark.com/closet/poshpineapple62

nice use of backdrop and props! https://poshmark.com/closet/thefebresappeal

great use of props! https://poshmark.com/closet/brunomars90

had to show another one from this amazing closet. Her cover shots are amazing! each one is so unique! @brunomars90

Make sure to visit these excellent poshers to check out their entire closet! Drop me a comment if you have any suggestions or have come across some great cover photos :)

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