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How to score a TON of inventory for $FREE - Reseller tips for sourcing

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We all know last year threw a wrench in a lot people's plans and goals. With states and stores shutting down one after the other, resellers had to get creative in how they picked up new inventory. One thing last year taught us resellers was how to be more resourceful. When it comes to running a business, keeping costs and expenses low = more profits. I kept hearing about resellers trying out different ways to source and finally I took some initiative and decided to try some of these methods out for myself.

I'm frugal fran and still have a difficult time in paying up for inventory. I did dabble in a bit of online sourcing, but didn't do so well profit wise. So what did I do to cut back on costs?...I sourced on the nexdoor app. Nextdoor essentially is a neighborhood forum for neighbors to post local happenings, concerns, ads for services, all things happening in your local neighborhood. It's also a great place to post things for sale, and find inexpensive items as well.

A quick how-to:

1. Select "for sale"

2. Scroll and select clothing and accessories

3. Select "Free".

4. Scroll until your heart is content and you find what you're looking for. Don't limit yourself to clothing. Some resellers also sell hardgoods. There are plenty of sections and categories to browse.

What I found were a lot of decent listings! all for FREE! All I had to do was message the person offering these goodies, and pick them up. I had also previously posted a listing asking if anyone had clothes they were looking to give away. Someone special saw my post- an ex-posher who was "retiring" and looking to donate her entire inventory. She reached out to me and best of all, she lived right down the street from me!

Also, don't be afraid to share with your family and friends, neighbors, co-workers, what you do. You'd be surprised how many people are willing to donate their clothing.

What's the best part? My cost of goods was - ZERO. Prior to scoring this excellent stash, I had done a few other local pick ups - mostly shoes. The only cost to me has been mileage and time. Thanks to this excellent score, I won't be sourcing for some time. I have plenty to keep me busy for months to come.

So, if you take anything away from this post, its this: Think outside the box when it comes to sourcing. Sure, we all love the hunt and shopping at the thrift store. But there are so many other ways to score great items, at a low cost or for free. You can even offer to pay a little bit to the person giving away their items. Usually they just want it off their hands and the quicker, the better. Win, win for both people.

To sum up, here are some ways to source outside the thrift store:

  1. Tell your family and friends what you do as a reseller. Share on social media. - You just may have a cool cousin who happens to be moving and asks if you want to take some of her donation pile :)

  2. Frequent the nexdoor app on a weekly basis - browse the free section and post your own listing offering to pick up donations

  3. Source online - sign up for The Real Real email list and you'll receive $30 just for signing up! (The Real Real is an online luxury consignment) I've sourced on here, spending about $3 on each item, and then flipping it on poshmark.

Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear your stories of great scores and finds. Let me know if you've tried these methods before and how your experience was. Visit me on instagram and facebook where I also post tips on reselling and alternate ways to source.

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