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How to get those trendy looks while staying thrifty

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Thrifting is awesome for so many reasons - it is extremely sustainable, affordable, and super fun! The hunt, and scoring that elusive find is part of the thrill and let's just say it, addictive quality that keeps us coming back for more. Some may think that if you buy second hand, you're only getting old clothes, people's sad tossed away clothes that are in bad shape. Not so! People donate all kinds of treasures, some even new with tags, and very current. So if you're into the thrift game, you can definitely achieve on trend looks, and look great while doing it!

I haven't been thrifting as long as some people, but I do enjoy it, and love finding special items at a great price. While I don't always follow the trends myself on an everyday basis, I think they're fun to keep an eye on, and I try to work in little pieces here and there. Here I'll share some trend worthy looks I found on posh, on my thrifting adventures, or even in my own closet. So here are some ideas on how you can incorporate what's trending into your everyday wardrobe.

First off, 2020 is just around the corner, and a color you'll be seeing a lot of will be classic blue. Blue can instill feelings of calmness, confidence, depth, and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, and intelligence. How awesome sauce is it that I just happen to have found some beautiful blue items recently (well more like different shades of blue!)! Check them out...

Pantone color of the year 2020 - classic blue

One very versatile piece that I picked up on a trip to my local Goodwill is this Zara Woman vibrant blue blouse that has a great leather trim. This can make any outfit look polished.

Classic silhouettes, prints, and textured styles all in one outfit is a great way to achieve a timeless sophisticated look. This includes layered tailored pieces, mostly neutral colors with a pop of color. I put together a classy look here with this Zara white blazer, paired with the Elevenses Brighton tweed pants from Anthropologie. I added a pop of color with another Zara top. This button down top has a beautiful ruffle sleeve detail. The tweed gives a little texture, while the blazer gives a nice tailored silhouette. Finish off with some pumps and a nice neutral color purse. And as we all know by now, leopard print is way on trend at the moment and has been in years past. This is a trend that most likely will continue, so get yourself some leopard print to sass up any outfit.

Along with leopard print, utility and cargo pieces have also stuck around and are still trendy. I found this linen Free People utility jacket also at a Goodwill. Very light weight, with tons of pockets, it makes for a nice casual look. I scored the suede Jeffrey Campbell platforms at the same Goodwill trip. I'm very excited about these! Many 90's trends are sneaking their way back in, platforms being one of them. And I like it! I also snuck in some more leopard print with the Charlotte Russe ankle booties, great for winter looks. These could also go great with the jacket. Throw on some leggings or a dress and your look is complete.

One look that is way trending this winter is all leather, head to toe. Personally, I don't think I can pull off that look, but if you're feeling it, knock yourself out! And if you're in a vampire-who-owns-a-nightclub kinda mood, even better. But if you'd like to try the look in a more subtle way, here is one look you can attempt.

I'm using the Zara blue top again which has the leather trim and paired it with some faux leather leggings. These were not a thrift find, but actually a posh find from my girl @jjfaith. Sadly, I have not worn them and hoping they still fit! But what an awesome, sexy winter look! And what a great time for me to finally try these pants. Finish off with an ankle booty and leather clutch.

Jewelry is something that can pull a look together. I just found these stunning vintage gold statement earrings at an estate sale. Gold statement earrings is another winter trend I can get behind.

You can score these faux leather leggings at jjfaith's closet. She has them in a variety of sizes including plus size.

The last trend I will cover here is the cape look. And no, I have not found any capes while thrifting. I did cover this trend in my fall trends post. You can find some great capes on poshmark.

Not feeling very Dracula-like? Catch some cape feels with a poncho! I love a good poncho and can't get enough. These are great for layering with a fitted piece. I recently scored this Lucky Brand button down poncho hoodie (isn't that awesome?) at the bins, aka the Goodwill outlet. Yup that's right, the bins! Gotta love em. This poncho is so soft, warm and cozy.

Pair a cape and/or poncho with some leggings, suede boots, and you are winter ready. These Via Spiga boots were also from the bins. Score!

So there you have it. Outfit inspo straight from the thrift stores. And while I didn't cover all the trends, I wanted to just show a snippet of what you can do with some simple finds. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! Thrifting is so much fun, but being able to put together some great looks makes it even more special.

You can find all these pieces in my posh closet. Links provided in the pic captions.

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I love to hear from you! What were some of your great thrift finds? Let me know what you think and make sure to subscribe so you can get notifications of my latest posts. Thanks for reading! Stay thrifty!

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