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Hosting a Posh n Sip ~ Do's & Don'ts

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What is a posh n' sip you ask? Basically it's a casual get-together of posh pals (pffs), who gather (virtually of course) to discuss all things poshmark. This month I decided to take the leap, step out of my comfort zone, and host my very own posh n' coffee. I had attended a few in the past and made a couple of observations, noting some things I would incorporate or do if I were to host one. I very much enjoyed chatting and connecting with fellow poshers. There's something to be said about getting together with like-minded people who share your interests and passions. It's such a great feeling. If you are a reseller, these are essentially your co-workers. So, another way to look at it is, a posh n sip is like going out for coffee or a happy hour with your co-workers! I had an amazing time hosting, came away with such warm fuzzies, and absolutely loved connecting with incredible posh friends, both old and new.

Here are some basic do's and don'ts that I hope will help guide you if you plan on hosting one of your own:


Create an announcement listing to post in your poshmark closet to advertise and promote your event. Set a high price on the listing so that when people like the listing, you can lower the price periodically to send notifications to poshers who have liked your listing. Try to do this about a month to a few weeks in advance. Include the date and time of your event.


Wait till the last minute to promote your event. You want people to have time to RSVP and save the date. If you have social media, that's a plus! Share your listing to your instagram and facebook stories, twitter, tumbler, you name it! Post your announcement to your feed as well so that people can like, comment and save your post.


Create some sort of agenda and/or topics of discussion for the event. You want conversation to flow and encourage sharing. Having a topic and questions helps prompt people to think and share their experiences and knowledge. Some examples:

--> What is one goal you plan on working on for the upcoming year?

--> What is your favorite thing about poshmark? your fav selling tool on the app?

--> How have sales been for your this quarter?

--> Share a tip you learned recently


Go in without a topic or an idea of what you want to talk about. Sure you can just go in and talk about anything, and conversation can come naturally. However, having some sort of plan to start with is helpful to at least get the ball rolling. Having a plan and starter topic will help you and your participants feel like there is a goal to this gathering.


make sure to welcome each person as they enter the room. I've attended events in which I would enter the room and didn't get acknowledged for a while and just kinda sat there like "hmmm, what are we talking about here?" It wasn't a good feeling. As people enter, wait to find an opening in the conversation to welcome the newcomer. Find out their name and give them a warm welcome. At my recent event, we went around the (virtual) room, stated our names, our posh closet names, any IG/FB handles and our favorite thing about poshmark. This was a nice icebreaker and got the conversation started. I made sure to welcome people as they joined. I felt like everyone had a chance to speak and share as they felt comfortable doing so.


worry too much about sticking to the topic you might have planned on. Conversation will naturally flow as people begin to share. This is the beauty of a gathering of poshers! Poshers love what they do and are excited to talk to other poshers. Some people like to share more than others. Some like to be quiet observers and that's okay too!


write down everyone's posh closet names and social media handles. Share it with the group afterward so that you can follow and continue to support one another. This is important to continue the connections and friendships. One of the best things about posh n sips is meeting new friends and developing those supportive connections. Ask any reseller or posher and they will tell you how supportive and positive this community is. Having a little tribe you can go to for questions, support and tips is a great way to continuously learn and grow. Having a community to support and celebrate your successes and growth is priceless. Do continue to grow and water your community garden and you will flourish.

I hope this post has inspired you to host your own posh n sip event or at least attend one. Feel free to message me if you have questions on logistics and how to set up your event on facebook. I'm more than happy to guide you! The posh community is awesome and I cherish each and every friendship I've made over the years. It was the best feeling seeing some of my long time PFFs on the screen and hearing their voices.

As always, thank you for reading. Feel free to connect with me on instagram or facebook for daily reselling fun and day to day shenanigans. :) Posh on friends!

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