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Helpful tools every reseller should have

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If you're a reseller, you know that there are certain things you use on a daily basis that you just cannot do without. If you're new to reselling or would like to get in the game, here are a few things you should definitely have on hand or pick up to add to your toolkit.

1. Measuring tape

Measurements are so important! I say this constantly and if you follow me on instagram, you'll see that I do post about this topic. I definitely am a proponent of including measurements in your listings. Some sellers type them out in the description, while others will post pics of the item with the measuring tape, showing the measurements. Either way, measurements are key. They could be the difference between making a sale right away, or loosing a potential customer because not enough info is provided.

As a buyer, I want to know the measurements to ensure that the item will fit, especially when returns are not allowed for items not fitting. I recommend you add taking measurements as part of your process for prepping, measuring as you photograph. Write them down or include them in your photos. This saves you from having to pull the item from storage if someone asks you for measurements. Always, always include them in your listings. Trust me, it saves you time and provides your potential customers with the info they need.

Worried about someone opening a case and disputing the measurements? Simply add a disclaimer stating that all measurements are approximate. You can even include a picture/screenshot of the brand's size guide. Most brands offer this info on their websites. This should help to cover you, and help the customer in determining if it will fit them. Win win! In the two years I've been selling, I haven't had any issues come up around this topic. So grab that measuring tape!

2. Sweater shaver, or as I like to call it, my "de-piller"

This little nifty tool will take your preloved items from "very used" to "great preowned condition." Give your preowned pieces new life with a sweater shaver. I recommend having one even if you don't resell. Pilling can happen overtime, especially in those areas where the garment rubs - under arm area, the bottom back area from sitting. Making your item more presentable increases your chances of a sale and leads to happy customers.

3. Packaging tape

No matter how frugal and resourceful you may be, everyone needs to purchase packaging tape. I am Miss frugal to the max! Besides the occasional trip to the dollar store to buy tissue paper, I do not purchase any packing material. I save and reuse material from packages I receive. Not only does it save money, keeping expenses minimal, it is a great way to recycle and save things from ending up in the landfill. That being said, we still need to seal our packages with good strong tape. So I recommend buying packaging tape in bulk which definitely cuts down on costs and saves time.

4. Steamer

I highly suggest getting a steamer if you don't already have one. Steaming your clothes not only gets out wrinkles, it also kills odor-causing bacteria, keeping clothes fresh. Steaming before photographing is a great way to catch any flaws you might have missed when purchasing, since you are closely looking at the garment while you steam away. Steaming leaves your clothing nice and photo ready. You want to make sure your item is presentable and clean in the photos. A wrinkly top is less likely to look appealing to a buyer than a freshly steamed and smoothed top. I also steam prior to packaging since my items are folded and stored in plastic bags. I like to freshen the item up and get any wrinkles out prior to packing and shipping. As a bonus, most steamers come with different attachments, such as the lint remover. You can de-lint and steam at the same time!

5. Social Media

The beautiful thing about the reseller community is that sharing ideas and tips is something that helps us all. If you are not on instagram or social media, this is another resource I definitely recommend adding to your list of tools. I was late to joining the instagram world, and have learned so much since. There is a wonderful reseller community online and if you're not taking advantage of the wealth of information out there, you're definitely missing out! So sign up if you're not already on there and make sure to follow other resellers. I recommend editing your profile to include "reseller" in your profile description. That way, when people are searching, you will pop up!

Trust me, the reselling community is wonderful on instagram. I've learned so much, gained some great insta friends, and continue to learn everyday. You can even try and sell on IG! Many resellers sell in their stories, go live, and post pics to their feed.

I want to hear from you! What are some must-haves in your reseller toolkit?

Shop-able links provided in the pics and below to all the tools listed above. Feel free to shop with me! I shop on Amazon on a regular basis, and being part of the Amazon associates program, I try to share with my readers the helpful items and tools I have purchased and actually use myself. By clicking on these links, you are helping me grow as an associate and earn a little extra to hopefully monetize my blog (which would be so awesome!). I so appreciate my loyal blog readers and friends I've gained since beginning this blog journey. As I continue to grow my readers, I also hope to gain partnerships that will allow me to keep my blog going. I enjoy showcasing fellow resellers and helpful tips that help us all continue to grow our businesses, whether it's a side hustle, hobby, or a full time gig. Thank you for reading and thank you for your ongoing support.

Don't forget to follow me on instagram and facebook for fun outfit inspo, DIY adventures, IG sales and everyday shenanigans.

Shop-able links

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