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I absolutely love handmade jewelry. Ok I may be a little hooked on earrings. I cannot leave my house without my ears decorated with a little something. I have so much jewelry, every time I'm tempted by a cute pair of earrings I tell myself no more! However, I will spend my money on a unique pair, especially unique handmade earrings. That brings me to this excellent closet which has the cutest ear ornamentation! https://poshmark.com/closet/lmw0082

I mean what can I even say!!? These avocado and little burro earrings are everything! I'm trying my hardest not to buy them! Adorable. Also I'm a sucker for anything sugar skull, so I had to throw in this sugar skull necklace. Check out more of her handmade treasures at


you can also catch her on the instagram too --> dear_you_design_studio

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