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Arts n wine anyone?

Yes please! I love LOVE attending festivals and fairs, especially those where you can drink and shop! I mean, two things I love all in one place, yes please! Recently I enjoyed a lovely sunday funday at my local city's festival. SF etsy was there so you know I had to browse. I absolutely enjoy supporting local artists and looking for unique handmade jewelry. And that is exactly what I found. Check out some of these excellent finds!

While sipping on my second glass of pinot grigio, I came across this wonderful vendor with such unique items! License PL8 art. I mean, how creative and I just LOVE re-purposed items. Not only is it green, but it's responsible and creative. Being the Cali girl that I am, I got this excellent cuff bracelet with California plates. Love it.

Visit this great seller to check out her stuff! Custom signs, keychains, bracelets and more

LicensePL8Art@gmail.com or on instragram @PL8 Art Lincense

PL8 Art Lincense

Next I splurged a little at this next vendor, but I did get some holiday shopping out of the way, so win win. Splendid Colors by Kathryn Hedges has some wonderful laser cut jewelry and home decor. I fell in love with her little sugar skull earrings. Adorable and colorful. I also treated myself to these excellent california earrings. I mean, I had to get them to go with my new cuff bracelet obviously.

I also found some great earrings to give as gifts. Adorable.

Check her out at Kathryn@splendidcolors.com


Splendid Colors

splendid colors

Beautiful earrings by Kathryn Hedges www.splendidcolors.com

And then of course, I got another pair of earrings. Yes I know, don't I have enough? Never

Tiny Right Brain Designs has some really cool 3D printed jewelry. Really unique and light weight earrings. I just had to get a pair.

Check her out at tinyrightbrain.com

or on the gram @tinyrightbrain

awesome 3D printed earrings www.tinyrightbrain.com

last but not least, beautiful watercolor bookmarks and prints at waterdropartstudio

Finally, when I told myself no more shopping! I found this lovely booth with watercolor prints. The intricate, loose flowy watercolors are everything. Also, the little chicken caught my eye :)

These laminated bookmarks by waterdropartstudio make excellent gifts.

Get yours at etsy.com/shop/waterdropartstudio

What a great way to wrap up the summer. Shopping and plenty of wine! Make sure to visit these excellent etsy shops, follow them on instagram and shop till you drop, with a glass of wine of course.

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