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10 things I wish I knew when I started poshmark

I've been selling on posh for almost 2 years now. I initially started just to clear some clothes from my overstuffed closet. A friend told me about poshmark - "why don't you just sell your stuff on poshmark?"

"What the heck is poshmark?" And so began my love affair with poshing. As I started selling things, I got excited. Wow people actually want my clothes?! Yes, they do! So I added more, and then my money balance grew....and I started browsing....and buying... Anyone who is on posh knows the never ending addictive cycle that is poshmark.

So while I initially started to make room in my closet, my closet slowly began to fill up again. Back to square one! So then I started dabbling with boutique items and got some cool stuff. (If you'd like to learn more about selling boutique on posh, check out my earlier post on August 30th 2019, link below pic).

Now as I began selling boutique items, I really wanted to actually make a profit. So I started a follow game, learning and watching what others had done to grow their closets. Sadly at this time, I didn't have any posh friends (pffs) to mentor me and show me the ropes. This is essential to learning how to posh effectively. You learn sooo much from seasoned poshers. Nor was I on any social media at the time. (so amateur I know!) When I started my first follow game, I gained a TON of followers and even some cool new posh friends.

I've learned SO much from my dear pffs.

I so value the bonds we've formed and everything we've learned and continue to learn from each other.

And with that super long intro, I'd like to share with you some of the things I wish I knew when I first started. I'll share with you some of my pff's advice as well. So here we go!

1. "Don't under price your items or undervalue your time." Aden @littlefire33


YES! This is so important! I listed some of my very first items at like $6. I had no idea how to price! I remember listing a new without tags Betsey Johnson set of earrings at $7. WTH was I thinking. I quickly learned and adjusted my price accordingly.

I learned to look up similar items and brands, seeing how much those were priced at, and then looking up

sold items. <----- way important. Take the average of that and set maybe a little bit higher to allow room for price drops and offers.

And secondly, we spend a lot of our precious time on posh. Listing, sharing, searching items, etc. Don't undervalue your time! Time is money. Very valuable advice from a very smart, witty and beautiful pff. Thanks Aden!

And that brings me to #2

2. "Price a bit higher for Closet Clear Out days." - Stase @lovemeagooddeal

Thirty-One Double Up Crossbody Bag https://poshmark.com/closet/lovemeagooddeal

This goes in line with #1 a bit. Price a bit high to allow wriggle room for days when you want to offer a lower price or do offer to likers. By pricing a bit higher, you won't feel like you've taken a huge loss when dropping prices to catch the attention of those likers.

3. "To cancel an open offer, change the size of your item, and all offers will get closed out" - Teri @trunkles

offer to likers, a great tool for making sales

Speaking of offers, when you do send an offer out and want to cancel it, simply go to the listing, click on edit, change the size, and your open offers will cancel. This I did not know! I had tons of instances when I sent out offer to likers, had an interested buyer who lets say wanted to create a bundle and wanted to negotiate a price. I had to ask the buyer to decline the offer and then create a new offer. What a pain! Had no idea you could easily fix it! Thanks Teri for this valuable tip!

4. "Love notes comments with less than a 5 star rating are not visible to the public" -Teri

Remember when you made your first sale? How exciting that was. And when you then got your first five star rating! How cool is that feeling. But then someone gives you a four star rating. WTH!! It's ok...sure, that may or may not bring your average down, BUT if they leave a comment, that comment will not be visible in your love notes section. So this is reassuring. And remember, no one is perfect. People make mistakes, and so will you. Also no matter how perfect and great your item is and your packaging and shipping time is, you can't please everyone. Things will happen and less than 5 stars will happen. Move on and move forward, learning from any mistakes.

5. "You can print shipping labels on 4x6 printer settings. No cutting or folding needed!" - Sheri @sherihen


Now my cheap butt does not own a printer. I go to the library and print there. Sure I'll eventually get a printer. But for the rest of the world who does have a printer, mess around with the settings and print 4x6 labels that fit perfectly on your packages. Another tip is get the stick-on labels so you save on tape. Or like a lot of big time sellers, you can get a label printer.

6. Listing new inventory is more important than gaining followers. - this one is my tip

When I started, I was obsessed with gaining as many followers as I could. The theory is, more followers = more exposure = more sales. Not necessarily true. I grew my little closet quickly and grew to 100k followers. This did not at all increase my sales. My pffs and I do weekly stats where we track how many followers we've gained, how many shares, sales and items added. It helps to see your growth each week. However, I noticed my number of sales increased as I added items to my closet. And sure there are slow weeks, but I wish I would've spent more time in the beginning listing rather than following. This of course may not be the case for everyone. If you've had success getting sales, I want to hear from you! Whatever your trick is, feel free to share.

7. "Posh’s algorithms only show your closet to your followers 3 times a day & bury the rest of the times you do it so as not to spam anyone with the same items" - Stephanie @missstephlee

Floral long sleeved dress available at https://poshmark.com/closet/missstephlee

This I did not know. I did know that oversharing and sharing too quickly will not get your items in the feed, but this is more specific and very helpful so as not to waste your time.

We all want our items to be seen, but efficiency and time management is definitely important.

8. "Playing following and share games and just being a part of the community was the BEST way to gain followers and meet some truly awesome people" - Lauren @ lasknickknacks

So true! I know I mentioned earlier that for me, following is not as important as listing when it comes to sales, but following and share games ARE a great way to be a part of the community and meet great poshers. I met my little posh buds by sharing and we are PFFs for life! :) I definitely agree with this tip and encourage people to get involved with the posh community. It is a great way to learn and support one another.

9. "I learned how to bundle liker's items!" - the good find @thegoodfindsd

Yess! great way to make sales. If you are not taking advantage of this, I encourage you to do so. Very easy and great way to make bundle sales. Simply open one of your items, click on one of your likers, and open their bundle screen.

in your liker's closet, click on the little bag at the top corner (their bundles)

click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner, then select switch to sell

then select share to bundle.

once you are in the sell bundle screen, you can share items from your closet directly to their bundle. You can leave them a comment and even send an offer to them. This is a great tool to take advantage of.

Last but not least...

10. Don't give up! This is maybe one of the most important tips of all. You will make mistakes, you will get a case open against you, you will have slow weeks, zero sale days, things will happen that will make you want to quit. But if this is truly something you enjoy and want to do, do it! Learn from your poshers. There are tons of youtube videos, blogs, and info out there. Take advantage of all the info that's available and keep going!

Questions, comments? Let me know what you think! Any tips you want to share? Leave me a comment or check me out on instagram @flyartista

Thank you to all the poshers who shared their wonderful tips to help me with this post. Check out their closets and show them some love!

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